My story

Coach Chad Duffy with DaughtersIn 2002, I had just become a father and quit smoking. My wife bought a running stroller and we started jogging a couple days a week as family. I, of course, got to push the stroller. I loved the way I felt when we were done running and my daughter loved going for a ride in the stroller. As the next couple of years past, I started an Electric and HVAC business, bought 2 rental properties and was working 2nd shift as a electrician. I barely had time to sleep. Oh yeah, and had a 2nd daughter in 2004.

Triathlon Coach Chad Duffy

As you can expect, I got away from running and family time. I also gained 40 pounds and was always tired. I was very stressed and needed a change to my life style.  I quit my 2nd shift job and started to sell off some of my rental properties. But this still wasn’t enough, I was still stressed and overweight and I decided to set a New Year’s Goal in 2008… to do a triathlon that summer. I had to get to work since I did not know how to swim. I found an adult swim class at the local YMCA and learned how to swim. While at the Y I met an athlete, who recommend a triathlon to do. As the weather started getting a little nicer, I began riding and running a little.

The day of my first sprint Tri arrived quickly in June. The gun sounded… I jumped into the water and started to swim as hard as I could… I started to get a little winded and second guessing myself out in the deep lake so I looked up to see how everyone else was doing and I realized I swam the wrong way. So, needed to get back with the pack and slowed my breathing and tried to relax and enjoy the moment. I completed the swimming and biking, then the run. It was hard, I was not in good enough shape yet and needed to stop for a breather here and there. I found the finish line and what a great feeling to finish. I was hooked! What a cool thing 3 sports in 1. It was a huge challenge, but I knew I could do better and could not wait for the next one to see if I could improve.

So now, years later, I have taken on countless training classes to improve my swimming, biking and running. I have worked with 4 different coaches, and also trained and raced with some of the grittiest and talented athletes around to try to hone my craft. I have now completed 2 full distance triathlons, 12 halves, several international distances and 100’s of sprints.

I got myself in the best shape of my life and still love the sport as much as the day I completed my 1st one. The past 15 years have the best of my life. I love being active, setting goals and working to accomplish them. My big goal in triathlon was to do a half in 5 hrs. It took me 7 years of training and racing to get my body able to complete a half in 4:45.

The past 15 years have been amazing. Training and racing gave me so much. One of the best feelings is accomplishing a goal. Now for the past 5 years I have been helping others work towards their goals. I want to share the feeling of being at your best with others. Helping people reach their best is the same feeling as getting there yourself. I hope I can help you someday.


  • Helped multiple Ironman finishers
  • Helped multiple 70.3 finishers and some PR’s
  • Helped multiple people complete there 1st triathlon
  • USAT All American
  • USAT Level 1 Coach
  • Mark Wilson Certified Coach
  • Travel Softball Coach