Winter Bicycle maintenance. So I feel that this gets missed a lot. Through the winter in most areas of the U.S. outdoor riding is not happening as much because of inclemente weather. Just because you are not using your bike as much or it is now sitting on a trainer does not mean we should not be maintaining the well being of your machine. This time of year is actually the best time of year to have your yearly service done or even upgrading componets. Most bike shops are also grateful to have the steady service work in the winter months. I suggest getting the bike a top of line service to have all nuts a bolts tightened, cables and housings checked or changed, all parts cleaned and lubed, new tires,and bar tape.

Also if you are thinking you need to get your positioning tweeked on your bike this is the perfect time of year. If the fitter makes any major changes to your fit it takes time to adapt to the new postion and will leave plenty of time to get miles in.This leads to being prepared for when the warmer weather hits your bike is ready to go and it will not be sitting at the shop for a week or two.

Also another rule which a lot of new triatheles brake and that is having the yearly service done a week or two before the big event for the year. You should not, I repeat not be making any changes to the bike the week before a race! The race check up at the shop is great thing and should just include a lube or minor adjustments.  After your minor race tune up make sure the bike is ready. Ride it a couple times before race day. This should lead to a successful spring riding and on Race Day!

Happy Cycling